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Rachel Mari Settecase
Founder & Principal Designer

Rachel creates distinctive interior environments for restaurantuers that want to achieve exceptional dining experiences.   

As a restaurant creative, Rachel consistently delivers elegant solutions that are informed by the many functional aspects of an operating restaurant.  Her thoughtful and polished style can be seen in the many restaurants, hotels and resorts she has created with industry leaders like Houston's Restaurants, Tides Hotels, and Viceroy Hotel Group.

Rachel is a self proclaimed foodie, so she naturally enjoys working with clients that are dedicated and passionate about food, business and restaurant design. For Rachel, an exceptional restaurant experience requires not only stellar food and service; but a successful, thoughtful and distinctive environment to dine in.
Part of her design philosophy is, great design requires a dedication to implementing great ideas...and it doesn't necessarily require a large budget.  She does not resign herself to a single signature style,  Rachel customizes her design approach for each individual project.

Rachel has collaborated with some of the most prestigious design talent in the industry.  She studied architecture and interior design, and holds an Architecture Degree from Arizona State University.

Rachel loves to travel abroad and collect new restaurant experiences to draw upon for inspiration.  She currently, resides in Portland surrounded by an abundance of indie restaurants, and a thriving creative entrepreneurial community.